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Salford Escorts


Salford escorts make the place livelier

If you have not been to Salford within the last thirty years you probably would not recognise the place. There has been massive investment in the city with its new centre revolving round the Salford Quays canal basin and the Lowry centre which was the first new development leading the way for the rest. What has elevated the status of the city is Media city which is home to some of the BBC news and sport studios. There are new hotels, retail outlets and a myriad of waterside bars and restaurants. Wherever you are or what you do the escorts in Salford are bound to brighten things up, even if it is just their outstanding good looks. As there are many production and media companies located in the area there are a lot of people visit on business. It can be a bit of a lonely existence, which is where the vivacious Salford escorts come into their own. They know how to live life and make merry. Even if you have had horrifically hard day, they have the capacity to lift the gloom.

Places to go with your Salford escort

Although Manchester city centre is close by there is plenty to keep you occupied just in the Quays area with many bars and restaurants with a waterside location. Though there are other things to do. There is the Lowry Theatre and gallery, discount shopping and historical tours. The waterfront itself is of historic interest as it was basically the port of Manchester at the terminus of the Ship Canal.  So there is plenty to do, though this is drinking and dining utopia and everything is in one concentrated spot, just choosing where to go can cause a headache. There again is where the local knowledge of your gorgeous Salford escort could be useful, after all this is her territory. For a pub style atmosphere there is the Dockyard with its homely atmosphere with beer and burgers on the menu. This place is close to BBC headquarters and has a waterside location. The Lime Restaurant and Bar is handily located near the Lowry centre and shopping mall and is a good place for you to both rest up. For something slightly more formal is the Social 7, a former member’s only venue, now open to the public. There is lots more choice and it is fun exploring this area.

Hotels where you could see your escort in Salford

The flagship hotel which is a firm favourite with both Manchester and Salford escorts is the Lowry, on the border with Manchester on the banks of the Irwell and has a riverside restaurant , the Lowry lounge and of course features the work of Lowry adorning the walls of this lavishly furnished hotel. There other hotels, which are nearer to the Quays where you can relax and have fun with your sexy young Salford escort. Many of these establishments are for the many business travellers staying in the area. Many of these are looking for the companionship of one of the lively vivacious Salford escorts.
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